Top 7 Best Saarinen Oval Table Replicas, Simple and Elegant

A world-famous craftsman, Eero Saarinen, has done it again with one of his revolutionary Pedestal Collection pieces, which features what is arguably the most identifiable table in the modern era. The Saarinen Oval Dining Table is one option; its top is available in a variety of laminates, woods, marbles, and granites. This table’s circular form may instantly update the look of your space, making it feel more sophisticated. The Saarinen Oval Dining Table Replicas  are now available, bringing the original’s low price down to a more reasonable level while still meeting the needs of many households.

The Saarinen Oval Dining Table may be customized to your liking by choosing from a variety of available treatments, such as coated marbles or a base finish. The Saarinen Oval Dining Table is a modern masterpiece, thanks to its relaxed yet exquisite style.

The Best Saarinen Oval Dining Table Replicas Sophisticated and Modern

Using neo-futuristic styles that combine elements of modern and futuristic art is one of Eero Saarinen’s signature approaches to design. Some of the most reliable substitutes for the Saarinen Oval Dining Table are listed below.

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1. Adreille Pedestal Dining Table by Wade Logan

Adreille Pedestal Dining Table .jpg 1 removebg preview

Whether you’re looking to enhance the modern vibe of a carefully designed entertainment space or lay the groundwork for a turn-of-the-century dining room, the Adreille Pedestal Dining Table will do the trick. This pedestal dining table is made from MDF wood and aluminum, and it features a sleek, stem-like pedestal base for a touch of understated elegance.

The circular top can accommodate both a full dinner and a few beverages after work. Put together this table with two metal-framed side chairs for a sleek, contemporary look in the dining room. Then, to finish the look, hang a pendant light in an industrial motif over the cluster.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 29.5” x 60” x 35.5”| Colors: White, Gold, Rose | Materials: Wood, Steel

2. Replica Saarinen Tulip Marble Oval Dining Table by Conception Living

dt120a edited

The replica Saarinen dining table has a white gloss aluminum base and an elegant tulip shape complemented with a solid Italian Carrara marble top. This attractive designer replica dining table may be used in a variety of settings and provides enough room for up to four diners.

Dimensions:  200cm W x 120cm D x 73cm H | Colors:  White | Materials:  Marble Stone, Aluminium

3. OVAL Dining Table by Corrigan Studio

Corrigan Studio OVAL DIning Table 1 removebg preview

If you need a table with a tiny footprint that nevertheless comfortably seats four to six people, the 60″ x 35.5″ Corrigan Studio OVAL table is a great choice. Laminated with high-quality man-made wood, the marble foil paper is quite stunning. This foil design, inspired by marble, is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

The pedestal form allows for more leg room, so that people may sit in a more relaxed position. Your legs will have plenty of support from the round, heavy-duty metal base. This option is better for families with young children because of its smooth surface and neat beveled edge.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 30″ x 35.4″ x 59″ | Color: White | Materials: MDF, Steel

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4. Sennur Pedestal Dining Table by Oren Ellis

Oren Ellis Sennur Pedestal Dining Table .jpg 1

With a marble top and an aluminum pedestal, the Oren Ellis Sennur Pedestal Dining Table is a classy option for formal dinners. Its shiny surface contributes to the contemporary vibe you’re going for in your interior design. You now have the freedom to select the hue that best compliments your space from two excellent options: white and grey.

Since there will be inherent disparities in color and quality across slabs of natural stone, this also adds a lot of character to the table. The Oren Ellis Sennur Pedestal Dining Table is a possible pick, albeit it does need to be assembled in part.

The oval design of the Saarinen Oval Dining Table Replica is identical to the original, which not only allows room for people to sit and work together but also gives off an air of futuristic cool.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 30” x 30” x 53” | Color: White, Grey | Materials: Marble, Aluminum

5. Hag Oval Pedestal Dining Table by Corrigan Studio

Hag Oval Pedestal Dining Table .jpg 1

The Hag Oval Pedestal Dining Table is a stylish addition to your dining area, thanks to its sleek pedestal base and modern oval shape. This table, which is crafted from manufactured wood and aluminum, is a superb duplicate of the original Saarinen Oval Dining Table since it shares the same basic elements and has an oval shape that exudes modern simplicity. You can comfortably seat up to six guests with this beautiful table.

With the help of another product from Corrigan Studio, you can now get the furniture for a price that won’t break the bank. Undoubtedly, this is the best replica Saarinen Oval Dining Table!

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 29.5″ x 36″ x 66″ | Color: White | Materials: Wood, Aluminum

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6. Ajiya Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table by Wrought Studio 

AjiyaSolidWoodPedestalDiningTable edited

The MDF tabletop and cast aluminum pedestal base of the classic Wrought Studio Ajiya Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table exude style and heritage. Since it shares the same oval form and contemporary feel as the Saarinen Oval Dining Table Replica, it is an excellent substitute for it. The table’s strength and durability were further enhanced by the use of solid wood in its construction.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 30″ x 78″ x 36″ | Color: White | Materials: Solid Wood

7. Hesson Pedestal Dining Table by George Oliver

HessonPedestalDiningTable edited

As a result of its seamless organic design and timeless form, the George Oliver Hesson Pedestal Dining Table has been a symbol of modernity for almost 60 years. Homes were full with awkward relics from the industrial age before it was introduced, but in order to move forward into the modern period, they had to replace their standard square tables with something more forward-thinking.

The table’s oval faux marble top and tapering metal base have been lacquered meticulously to withstand scratches and chips, while the table’s base and measurements remain unchanged from the original.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 16″ x 18″ x 25.3″ | Color: Cerused White, White Marble | Materials: Metal, Marble


The dining tables are able to keep their own identities while maintaining a design that is reminiscent of the original. Now that their prices have dropped, you may shop for a table without leaving the house. Don’t forget to check the reviews before adding an item to your shopping basket.

FAQ’s About Saarinen Oval Dining Table Replica

Saarinen oval dining table replicas: commonly asked questions

1. What exactly is a replica Saarinen oval dining table?

Replica of the iconic oval dining table designed by Finnish architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen in the mid-20th century. It’s a chic and practical dining table, perfect for any occasion.

2. What’s the quality like for a replica Saarinen oval dining table?

Depending on the factory, a replica Saarinen oval dining table’s quality might range from excellent to subpar. Some replicas are constructed with care and precision, while others could skimp on materials or finish. If you want your product to last and look good for years, it’s crucial that you select a reliable manufacturer.

3. Thirdly, which materials are employed to create a copy of Saarinen’s oval table for a dining room?

Replicas of the iconic Saarinen oval dining table can be found in a variety of materials, including marble, fiberglass, and high-quality wood. The replica’s longevity and aesthetic appeal are also impacted by the quality of the materials utilized.

4. What is the difference in size between the original and a replica Saarinen oval dining table?

Oval dining table replicas designed by Saarinen are often available in a range of sizes to suit a range of interior layouts. Depending on the manufacturer, you could find both traditional and space-saving options.

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