Arco Floor Lamp Replicas: Top Picks, Reviews, and Tips

The Arco lamp is a modern lamp made by Flos in 1962. It was designed by Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni. There are several models to choose from. The floor lamp is one of the most popular types. We won’t talk about the real Arco floor lamps here because they are too expensive. But we will talk about the Arco floor lamp replica.

The lamp has a large arching arm made of stainless steel that hangs a spun aluminum pendant from a slab of Carrara marble that stands up straight. If you’re interested, we’ll not only tell you how to buy it, but also give you some suggestions. We recommend these copies because you can buy them for less money than the real thing.

How to Buy a Replica of the Arco Floor Lamp

  1. Look for a copy of a well-known brand
  2. Shop at a store with a good name
  3. Pay attention to what the lamp says it can do
  4. Choose a copy of a lamp that looks just like the original
  5. Choose a color based on your style or what you want
  6. Find the lamp’s copy that costs the least

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Top Arco Floor Lamp Replicas Worth Buying

The Arco floor lamp by Achille Castiglioni is made by many different brands. They try to make the copies look as much like the originals as possible. The good news is that they sell the copies for prices that are much more reasonable. So, the following copies are worth thinking about.

1. Arco Floor Lamp Replica by Zest Lighting

We all know that the Arco floor lamp is sculpted and is one of the most well-known designs. The real Arco floor lamp is a classic in the world of designers because it has a design that will never go out of style. Now, this copy is here to help people who want this well-known lamp but don’t have a lot of money.

This exact copy is made by Zest Lighting, and it comes in 2 colors. It is very strong because it is made with a solid base of Italian Carrara marble. The stainless steel arc and shade make it a fixture that stands out and goes with any style. Anyway, the light from this lamp is just right for working, reading, eating, or just relaxing. So, it gives any room a sophisticated and stylish focal point.


  • Style: Contemporary, Modern 
  • Dimensions: 230 cm x 230 cm x 240 cm 
  • Colors: Black Marble, White Marble 
  • Materials: Stainless-steel arc and shade, Solid Italian Carrara marble base

2. Arco Floor Lamp Replica by Barcelona Design’s

This lamp is a faithful replica of the original Arco design. The Barcelona Design team has created an exact duplicate of the original light, down to the last detail.

This lamp’s form is inspired by the curves of Italian Carrara Marble, and the metal used in its construction is stainless steel. The aluminum shade of this imitation lamp is both functional and attractive. These canopies are perforated at the top to let sunlight in.

This light can be positioned at any desired height. This lamp can brighten the house thanks to its beveled angle and spun aluminum reflector.


  • Arch: Height 92″ – 95″
  • Base:21.5″H x 9.5″W
  • Shade: 12″ Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Arched Design
  • Sculptured Italian Carrara Marble Base, Cut And Polished by hand
  • Electric Cord With Floor Dimmer Button For Easy Operation
  • Aluminum Heat Diffuser With 126 Individual Holes.
  • Pivoting Stainless Steel Hood
  • Soft White Reflective Hood Interior For Efficient Light Reflection

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3. Arco Floor Lamp Cube Shaped Marble Base by Emodern Furniture

This high-quality replica of the original Arco floor lamp is made of the same high-quality materials as the original. This copy has an arch stem and light hood made of stainless steel, white marble, and an aluminum diffuser. Overall, it is a very good copy of the original.

Then, the height of the lampshade can be changed, and the light can be turned on or off with a switch on the floor. This is one of the best copies of the famous Arco lamp. It can give your room a classic, modern look. No matter where you put this floor lamp, the area will feel much livelier. But you should know that this product does not come with the G Bulb. It means you have to buy it separately.


  • Style: Contemporary 
  • Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 89.5” 
  • Shade Color: Chrome 
  • Base Colors: Black, White 
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Marble

4. Replica Modern Arc Lamp by Replica Furniture

This Arco Floor Lamp replica has a round block of white or black stone that looks like marble and a round tube that leads to a bright shade (Diameter of 27 cm). If needed, the reach can be cut by 20 cm. The design of the Arc Lamp is one that will always look good. This lamp does need to be put together.


  • Colours White or Black Base: Steel Shade and Stem
  • Dimensions: 190 cm W x 200 cm H; Base 38 cm D; Shade 27 cm D
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, Reconstituted Stone
  • Requires 1 x Light Bulb
  • LED E 27 (800 Lumens) or Standard E 27 (60 Watts)

5. Arco Floor Lamp by Diiiz

The Arco floor lamp features either a round or a square base made of black and white marble. The contrast between the materials—airy steel on the one hand and solid marble on the other—is very distinctive. The reflector is made of aluminum and can be adjusted to a maximum height of 2 meters.

This precise replica of the iconic Arco floor lamp is both beautiful and practical. If you don’t know what kind of bulb to use, a traditional, non-furnished 70W bulb is safe and effective. Overall, this is a top-tier facsimile of the original Arco floor lamp designed by Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni.


  • Style: Modern 
  • Dimensions: 240 cm x 230 cm x 32 cm 
  • Colors: White, Black 
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Marble

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6. Arco Floor Lamp Style by NZ Design

This Floor Lamp emits light in a straight line. There is a white Carrara marble base, a telescoping stainless steel pole with a satin finish, and a swiveling, height-adjustable reflector made of polished aluminum. The elegant and classic style of this imitation Arco Floor Lamp makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of settings.


  • Height 240cm (Max) x Depth 220cm x Width 31cm
  • Marble / Stainless Steel 304
  • Height adjustable
  • Angle Lamp adjustable

7. Modern Edge Arco Floor Lamp

This Arco floor lamp replica shines light straight down. The bottom is made of white Carrara marble. A telescoping stem made of brushed stainless steel is also included. Then, it has a polished aluminum swiveling reflector that can be adjusted for height. It looks very cool and has a design that will last for a long time.

You don’t have to worry about where to put it because you can put it in any room you want. Of course, it can only be used inside. This copy looks just like Achille Castiglioni’s original Arco floor lamp. Even though it’s a copy, it’s just as stylish as the real thing.


  • Style: Modern 
  • Color: White 
  • Cord Color: Black 
  • Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel  
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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Well, that’s the best replica of the Arco floor lamp that people recommend. Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni did not make these copies. Aside from that, they are made by different companies. Even though the real Arco floor lamp can still be bought, not everyone can pay the high price. So, buying a Arco floor lamp replica  is a lot more affordable.

FAQ’s About Arco Floor Lamp Replicas

1. What is an Arco Floor Lamp replica?

A replica of the famous Arco Floor Lamp, which was made by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962, is called an Arco Floor Lamp replica. The replica is a cheaper version of the original lamp. It was made by a different company and sold for less money.

2. Why do people buy Arco Floor Lamp replicas?

People buy replicas of the Arco Floor Lamp because they are cheaper than the real thing, which can cost thousands of dollars. The copy is made to look and work like the original, but it only costs a small fraction of what the original did.

3.Are Arco Floor Lamp replicas of good quality?

The quality of replicas of the Arco Floor Lamp can change depending on who makes them. Some replicas are made with high-quality materials and skilled work, while others are made with lower-quality materials and may not last as long.

4. Are Arco Floor Lamp replicas legal?

You can buy and sell replicas of the Arco Floor Lamp in most countries, including the United States. But the lamp’s design is protected by copyright, which means that it is against the law to make or sell exact replicas of the original without permission from the owner of the copyright.

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