7 Laccio Coffee Table Replicas for Your Living Room 

One of Laccio Tables’ most well-known lines is the Laccio Coffee Table. Like his Wassily and Cesca chairs, Marcel Breuer’s Laccio Tables are indispensable to the canon of 20th-century furniture design. The Laccio Coffee Table continues to serve as an example for contemporary designs. In any case, thanks to Laccio Coffee Table Replicas, you can have your own without breaking the bank.

The Laccio Coffee Table may be nested atop another table, making it unique. The Laccio Coffee Table is a fantastic addition to any home because it is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

The Best Classic Laccio Coffee Table Replicas Modern and Stylish

In an interview with a member of the Knoll team who specializes in production history, Marcel Breuer explained that he first had the idea for the table after talking to a young man about the assembly of a bicycle. The following are some of the most reliable substitutes for the Laccio Coffee Table:

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1. Solstice Coffee Table

The textured surface and organic form of the Solstice Coffee Table were both motivated by the Amalfi coastline. The raffia over a waterfall motif was created to bring a sense of serenity back into the space.

Also, it comes from a responsible location. With its Whitewash finish, the woven raffia of the Solstice Coffee Table conveys an air of purity and naturalism. When viewed from above, each table has a waterfall effect as its edges gradually taper down from the top.

You may save a lot of money and have just as good of a look with the Laccio Coffee table replica, which was designed to resemble the original.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 44” x 22” x 12.5” | Color: White | Materials: Wood

2. Eugene Coffee Table

A charming, nearly undetectable replica of the Laccio Coffee Table, the Eugene Coffee Table is a must-have in any home. Its invisibility characteristic was intentionally designed to make a statement while simultaneously disappearing.

A transparent acrylic waterfall form serves as the basis for this coffee table’s simple design. It recalls the sleek, futuristic pieces that were popular in the ’50s and ’60s. All you have to do is find it in the box, since it already has been assembled.

In addition to freeing up floor space and giving your room a more contemporary look, the hidden element is also a convenient convenience. It’s one-of-a-kind decor for your home, for sure!

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 13.78” x 35.43” x 17.72” | Colors: Clear | Materials: Acrylic.

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3. Toley Coffee Table

The Toley Coffee Table’s clean, discreet design, inspired by the minimalism of mid-century modern furniture, makes it an essential piece for any living room. This table is perfect for hosting your candle and plant arrangements.

Built from a single piece of twisted engineered wood with a light neutral finish, it is the perfect centerpiece for any trendy, up-to-date living space. The design also ensures that there will be no assembly required upon delivery. Its rounded form is a welcome complement to the classic Laccio Coffee Table.

Style: Modern, Mid-Century | Dimensions: 14” x 35.5” x 19” | Colors: Walnut, Oak | Materials: Wood

4. Curved Coffee Table

This simple piece may be the showpiece of any space. This round, horseshoe-shaped coffee table is not only trendy, but also provides more room for your coffee, magazines, and books.

The bracings of the table are made of solid wood, while the top is made of bent plywood. For further security, the item in question has been painted black and given a satin water-based poly finish. You shouldn’t sit at these tables since they’re hollow.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 36″ x 17″ x 18″ | Color: Black | Materials:  Bendable plywood, Pine Wood, Black Paint, Satin Finish

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5. SUNCOO Nesting Coffee Table

Suncoo’s nestable coffee table set is cleverly constructed to minimize the footprint it leaves behind. Lessen the clutter in your living room with the nested coffee table, which is also easy to keep clean. The three-piece end table is versatile, as each component may be used on its own or joined together to make a larger surface for setting down goods like plates, books, glasses, and drinks.

The nested 3 end side coffee table is durable and sturdy since it is crafted from premium MDF (medium-density fiberboard). The sleek, shiny sheen complements the perfectly finished sharp edges and rounded top. The white gloss fish makes it appear more modern and expensive.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 15.75″ x 21.65″x 18.9″ | Color: Gross White | Materials: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

6. Etsy Acrylic and Perspex Coffee Table

With its transparent glass and simple design, this coffee table exudes a contemporary vibe. The beautiful acrylic curved coffee table combines a contemporary use of materials with a classic design.

Its graceful waterfall design complements a variety of aesthetic preferences. Etsy has made it possible to get your hands on the furnishings at a low cost. Perhaps the best analogue to the Laccio coffee table replica.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 27.55″ x 17.71″ x 19.68″ | Color: Clear | Materials: Acrylix

7. Laccio Coffee Table Set by Replica Furniture

Other Lacio coffee table replica options are available at Replica Furniture. This table has a stainless steel frame with a smooth finish. There is also a layer of melanin with a black or white finish on the table’s surface. This replica table is ideal for drinking coffee or snacking.

Dimension: 136 cm W x 45 cm H x 48 cm D (big), 56cm W x 40cm D x 48cm H (small) | Color: Black | Material: Stainless Steel and Timber


All of the aforementioned coffee tables are excellent analogs of the Laccio Coffee Table due to their similarity in appearance, feel, and function to the original. They have been reduced in price and are now available to you. Do not add anything to your shopping basket before reading the reviews.

FAQ About Laccio Coffee Table Replicas

1. How to pick the perfect coffee table?

  • Young children are more at risk of injury from a square or rectangular table, so opting for a round or oval one is a safer bet.
  • Glass tables are more portable and less labor intensive to maintain than their metal or wooden counterparts.
  • Wooden coffee tables are also appropriate for use in spacious living rooms with high ceilings and numerous windows.
  • You can use either glass or metal, but never both together! If your room currently has a lot of wooden furniture, try adding a metal table or a glass table on a metal base.

2. Can the Laccio coffee table be used in the living room?

Of course, this table can be used in the living room. You can adjust the table’s size to fit your living room.

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