7 Best Pedrera Coffee Table Replicas In This Year

Is a Pedrera coffee table replica your goal? The Pedrera coffee table was designed by the Spanish architect Francisco Juan Barba Corsini for Antoni Gaud’s Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, which is today one of Barcelona’s most well-known landmarks.

Taking cues from the building’s serpentine facade, he designed the Pedrera coffee table (1955) with a sculptural base that looks different depending on the angle you look at it. The bold simplicity of this table is belied by its undulating contour, which appears to change as you go around it. Pedrera coffee table replicas are now available for purchase, allowing you to bring this timeless piece of furniture home with you.

The top of the Pedrera Coffee Table is composed of toughened glass for durability and visibility. The Pedrera Coffee Table is a true work of art due to its cutting-edge style and elaborate artistic details.

List of Pedrera Coffee Table Replicas Modern and Stylish

The table’s base, like the Pedrera lights, was modeled after La Pedrera’s vaulted ceilings, giving the set a distinctly La Pedrera feel. The Pedrera Coffee Table is an iconic piece of furniture, and here are some of the best imitations of its accompanying floor lamp:

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1. Willow Round Coffee Table by West Elm

willow round coffee table 36 xl 1 edited

Featuring a low profile and a rustic-meets-industrial design, the Willow Round Coffee Table is a great addition to any living room. The crisscross metal base below is offset by a wooden top, striking a perfect balance between the industrial and the contemporary.

In addition, it has raised corners that can stop things from rolling off. Mango wood is a renewable resource, therefore each item has a slight one-of-a-kind character while still being affordably priced.

The Pedrera coffee table replica is a great choice for those who value modern and eco-friendly design because it has a comparable feel to the original pedrera coffee table while still being trendy and environmentally responsible.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 36” x 15.75” | Color: Cerused White, Grey | Materials: Wood

2. Bowed Legs Round Storage Coffee Table by West Elm

bowed legs round storage coffee table 31 o edited

The Bowed Legs Round Storage Coffee Table is an Indian-made piece that features a sleek storage space, making it a versatile addition to any room in the house. The sleek form factor was also developed to facilitate simple living area storage.

The top slides open to reveal a wide variety of storage options, including a spot for your TV remotes and magazines. The kiln-dried wood used in the construction of the table further increases its longevity. This round table with bowed legs is made of acacia wood and has a natural finish that will make your home feel welcoming and comfortable.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 31” x 16” | Colors: Black | Materials: Wood, Iron

3. Octahedron Coffee Table by Amigo Modern

amigo modern octahedron coffee table xl edited

With the Octahedron Coffee Table by Amigo Modern, you get a versatile Pedrera Coffee Table Replica. This welded steel-base table is perfect for displaying plants, books, magazines, and other accessories, thanks to its attractive geometric form and smooth round top. The table’s style allows it to be displayed both inside and outside the home, and it can be placed virtually anyplace.

The area in your home will feel more open, stylish, and modern thanks to the geometric pattern that is currently trending. It’s a wonderful enhancement to your house.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 35” x 14”| Colors: Black, White, Sage | Materials: Steel.

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4. Tanner Solid Wood Coffee Table

tanner solid wood coffee table 40 xl edited

The shou sugi ban technique of Japanese painting served as inspiration for the Tanner Coffee Table, which provides textural depth to any space. Its solid hemlock wood frame has been heavily sandblasted to achieve a charred-like surface feel and high gloss finish, and its shapely cutout base completes its unique design. Its solid hemlock frame is kiln-dried and built to Contract Grade specifications, making this coffee table very durable and long-lasting.

Thanks to Westelm, you can get your hands on the furnishings for a price that won’t break the bank. Without a doubt, one of the best Pedrera Coffee tables available.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 40″ x 17.5″ | Color: Black| Materials: Wood

5. Stowe Round Living Room Coffee Table

stowe round coffee table 36 46 o edited

The Stowe Round Living Room Coffee Table is a great way to inject some geometry-inspired fun into your home or workplace. The table is crafted in India from kiln-dried solid mango wood and comes with a variety of finishes from which to choose.

To accommodate a wide range of floor heights, the base comes with levelers. This product’s eco-friendly mango wood comes from trees that can no longer bear fruit, ensuring their continued usage in the forest.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 46″ x 15″ | Color: Dark Walnut, Cerused White, Cool Walnut, Black | Materials: Mango Wood 

6. Monti Lava Stone Coffee Table

monti lava stone coffee table 30 o 1 edited

The Monti Lava Stone Coffee Table’s composition of volcanic ash, stone, fiberglass, and sand resin is meant to evoke the look and feel of weathered stone. Even though the table doesn’t have the same crisscross design as the original Pedrera coffee table, it’s a great substitute for the Pedrera Coffee Table Replica. The table can also be used successfully in either an indoor or outdoor situation. This table will be a terrific focal point in your decor thanks to its sculptural leg.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 30″ x 14″ | Color: Natural | Materials: Volcanic ash, stone, fiberglass and sand resin

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7. Maddox Coffee Table

maddox coffee table 36 44 o edited

The Maddox Coffee Table can fit in either a more casual or more formal setting. The lightness of its surface highlights a sense of seaside rusticity. A block of responsibly harvested mango wood serves as the table’s basis. Further, the base includes adaptable levelers that can be used on a variety of flooring types. The table’s mixed-material design, including a white marble top and a mango wood base, exudes sophistication and a contemporary vibe.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 36″ x 16″ | Color: Cerused White, White Marble | Materials: Wood


The aforementioned coffee tables are excellent substitutes for the Pedrera Coffee Table because they have many of the same characteristics. They’ve been reduced to a price point where more people can afford to buy them. Please take the time to read the reviews carefully before adding anything to your shopping cart.

FAQ About Pedrera Coffee Table Replica

1.Which features should you look for in a high-quality coffee table?

  • If you want to stretch out comfortably while still being within easy reach of your drink and magazine, keep the sofa’s edge 18 inches away from the table’s.
  • Leave at least 30 inches between the outer edge of the coffee table and the TV stand, especially if this is the primary passageway in your room.
  • The proper height of the table is also essential. The distance between the floor and the couch cushion should be at least a couple of inches.
  • Sofa and coffee table designs should complement one another.

2. Why should you buy a Pedrera coffee table replica?

Because of the modern and simple design. Furthermore, this coffee table is simple to obtain and reasonably priced.

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