7 Best Panthella Floor Lamp Replicas on The Market

The stunning Panthella floor lamp replica, with its eye-catching umbrella-shaped shade, was designed by Verner Panton in 1971. The Panthella Floor Lamp is unlike any other, with its steel cone-shaped foot and slim pole. It’s a classic floor lamp from the ’70s that may complement almost any decor style. This light is perfect for a lobby or an office nook. The original Panthella Floor Lamp may have been out of reach, but inexpensive replicas are now available to fill the void.

Verner Panton is well known for his Panthella Floor Lamp. You may have this amazing vintage floor lamp in either black or white. This lamp is perfect for use as a reading light or to illuminate a dark nook since the shade is constructed of metal, which prevents light from escaping over the shade.

The Best Panthella Floor Lamp Replicas for Your Home Decor 

Comfortable, glare-free light is produced by the source. The opal acrylic shade is transparent, so light may pass through it; the inner shade reflects light downward; and the trumpet stem reflects light upward, creating a pleasant, diffuse glow. Several excellent alternatives to the Panthella Floor Lamp are listed below.

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1. Claire Task Floor Lamp by Allmodern

The Claire Task Floor Lamp’s arching brass body and glass globe shade present a spare take on classic mid-century design. The included filament bulb creates a soft, pleasant light and is mounted at just the right height to illuminate a seating area without the harsh shadows produced by overhead lighting.

The Panthella Floor Lamp Replica may not have an umbrella shape that is identical to the original, but it can still add a mod touch to your space that is great for setting a relaxing mood.

Style: Modern, Mid-Century | Dimensions: 60” x 10.5” x 17” | Color: Antique Brass, Brass, Black | Materials: Metal

2. Adalyn Arched Floor Lamp by Allmodern

The Adalyn Arched Floor Lamp is a tall, striking replica of a 1967 NOVA mid-century modern design that was originally designed as a Panthella Lamp. Panthella Floor Lamps may not have the same umbrella form as some other lamps, but they still provide beautiful overhead illumination whether placed next to a love seat, club chair, or wing chair.

The actual marble base, tarnished brass fittings, and hand-applied silver accents of this light fixture guarantee that it will be the focal point of any room in which it is placed. The Adalyn Arched Floor Lamp may be turned on to provide light and provide a calm, relaxing mood. One heck of a gorgeous accessory for your house!

Style: Modern, Mid Century| Dimensions: 60” x 12” x 19” | Colors: White | Materials: Metal, Genuine Marble.

3. Georgia Dimmable Arched Floor Lamp by Allmodern

Light up your space in a new manner with the Georgia Dimmable Arched Floor Lamp. This metal floor lamp features a slender, curved body for a minimalist look, and the dome-shaped shade adds a nod to mid-century contemporary design. The little hole in the shade directs a concentrated beam of light across your sofa or reading chair.

This lamp has been securely fastened on a huge, white marble sphere for added stability and visual appeal. Furthermore, its 78″ height makes a striking statement in any living space. A single 100W bulb fits into the rotating socket of this lamp (sold separately). Furthermore, it may be turned down to a lower setting.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 78” x 12.5” x 42”| Colors: Black, Antique Brass, Brushed Steel | Materials: Metal

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4. Echo Arched Floor Lamp by Allmodern

This arc light is 71 inches in diameter and has low energy consumption and sleek design. This blackened steel sculpture features a circular base and a slender, arcing arm that holds a large dome-shaped shade. Interior antique gold surface enables shade to reflect light from 100 W bulbs (not supplied) and adds a touch of opulence while also giving your space an urban edge. Because of its small size, it fits well between two chairs or behind a sofa to create a reading nook.

You can improve the look of your office room by putting an Echo Arched Floor Lamp next to a modern desk. It really is one of the best Panthella floor lamp replicas.

Style: Modern| Dimensions: 70″ x 15.75″ x 36″| Color: Black | Materials: Metal

5. Damin Floor Lamp by Allmodern

With the Damin Floor Lamp, you can add a mid-century look to your bedroom, living room, or office. For the best light reflection, a gold color is painted on the inside of a black metal dome shade. It has two sockets that hold standard 40W bulbs. Each socket has a pull chain switch with two brightness levels. When you mix black and antique brass finishes, you get a dynamic, modern look.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 63.5″ x 15.75″ x 15.75″ | Color: Black | Materials: Metal

6. Trevor Floor Lamp by Allmodern

The Trevor Floor Lamp gives your space some modern lighting. This lamp will make your room brighter and more stylish because it gives off a warm glow. Even though the lamp head isn’t shaped like a dome, it’s a great alternative to the Panthella floor Lamp Replica because it still makes a canopy-like structure that gives your room just the right amount of shade. On top of that, it doesn’t need to be put together! A very useful addition to your room.

Style: Modern | Dimensions: 60″ x 23″ x 23″ | Color: Black | Materials: Metal

7. Domenic Arched Floor Lamp by Allmodern

The Domenic Arched Floor Lamp is made of designs from the 20th century to the mid-20th century. This floor lamp gives your room a touch of retro style with its bright globe shade and simple, clean lines. It is made of metal, and the shade, the thin arm, and the round foot are all black. This lamp is great for task lighting over a sofa or a few chairs because the 25W bulb (not included) in the globe shade points down.

Style: Modern, Mid-Century| Dimensions: 57.1″ x 11.8″ x 19.7″ | Color: Black | Materials: Metal

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Even though the lamps are made in a similar way, they each have their own special features. You can buy a lamp from the comfort of your own home now that the prices are fair. Read the reviews carefully before adding anything to your cart.

FAQ’s About Panthella Floor Lamp Replica

1.What is a Panthella floor lamp replica?

A Panthella floor lamp replica is an identical replica of Verner Panton’s famous mid-century modern Panthella floor lamp. Most of the time, these copies are made with the same materials and designs as the original, but they cost less than the original.

2. Are the replicas of the Panthella floor lamps good quality?

Replicas of the Panthella floor lamp can vary in quality, but many are made with high-quality materials and careful attention to detail, making them a great deal for the price.

3. Are the replicas of the Panthella floor lamp the same as the original?

Many replicas of the Panthella floor lamp are made to look just like the original, with the same round base, domed shade, and smooth lines. But the replicas may have small differences in color, size, or material that show they are not the real thing.

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